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Michalík Design WAH-WAH

Wah Pedal. Offers the classic wah-wah effects introduced by Jimi Hendrix in the 60's with an important improvement. The original circuit design using electro-optical control allows the exclusion of the pots with all of their ill-known side effects (noise, scratching, breaking). Includes the option of "toe-down" switching between bypass and wah-wah modes. Heavy duty mechanical construction and electro-optical control system without pots ensures extended lifetime.

power supply - external 9V DC adapter (center positive)
current consumtion cca 20mA
battery lifetime cca 50 hours (alkaline battery)
wah frequencies 350Hz - 1,9kHz
dimensions: 230x100x50mm
weight 1,2kg    

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UK/EU Adapter included


Made in

Czech Republic

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