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UVEX g.gl 3000 TO Skidglasögon

The Uvex g.gl 3000 TO convinces with its clean design and offers all the features skiers can expect from a top ski goggle.   Extended kit:- velor face foam- climate membrane- rubber goggle strap with silicone Break resistant ski googles:Uvex...
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Skidglasögon UVEX g.gl 3000 TO Skidglasögon

UVEX g.gl 3000 TO Skidglasögon

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Produktkod: S5513317030 | ID: 373215

UVEX g.gl 3000 TO Skidglasögon

The Uvex g.gl 3000 TO convinces with its clean design and offers all the features skiers can expect from a top ski goggle.


Extended kit:
- velor face foam
- climate membrane
- rubber goggle strap with silicone

Break resistant ski googles:
Uvex guarantees maximum eye protection at all times: specially made polycarbonate lenses that meet the standard for ski and safety goggles. During testing they were tested for resistance to fired 6-mm steel balls flying at a speed of 162 km / h. Without breaking. For maximum protection.

Decentred lens technology ski goggles:
Despite the curvature of the lens, the goggles guarantee a 100% distorted view.

Full mirror FM:
Reflection technology excels in design and functionality. The lens covered with 18 film layers has an imaging effect and, in addition, it protects against infrared radiation with a wavelength of 780 nm to 1000 nm. Special pigments in the polymer lens activate a filter that eliminates and absorbs this radiation. The thermal load is significantly reduced, thus reducing dehydration and eye fatigue - preventing gray haze.

Lasergold lite LGL:
The lasergold lens enhances the terrain curves and brightens the colors of the surroundings. It uses bright yellow and orange lenses.

Supravision® ski goggles:
Anti-fog layer
Unique uvex [supravision®] technology provides extreme scratch resistance on the outside of the lens and continuous protection against clogging from the inside.

Take off TO:
The interchangeable lens contains two small magnets. Thus, bad weather glasses can be quickly and easily converted into sunny weather glasses. The dark replaceable lens is thin and flexible, and can also be hidden in the pouch.

UV protection ski goggles:
UV absorbing filters built into the material 100% protect the retina of the eye from UV damage up to 400 nm. All uvex glasses provide 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

Double lens cylindric:
Double cylindrical lenses offer protection against UV radiation and mechanical damage. The gap between the glasses increases the fogging resistance. Horizontal curvature for wider field of view.

OTG (over the glasses):
The frame construction is adapted to the wear of prescription glasses under these glasses. Special cut-outs in the frame and a larger design of the glasses make it possible to wear glasses without causing pressure or discomfort.

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Färg på bildrutan (av producent)

Underwater Mat


Färg på glaslinsen (av producent)

Mirror Gold/Lasergold Lite

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S1, S3

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188 mm



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5 / 5

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