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Yamaha FB-9022

Floor Toms | Product code: FB-9022 | ID: 258746

Yamaha FB-9022

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Yamaha FB-9022

22” concert bass drum from FB-9000 series that can be used as a low extension for concert toms, or a responsive high extension for concert bass drums, providing punchy, deep tones with excellent projection. Its stand can be set to place the top head at the ideal playing height and position without restrictions imposed by stand shape or size. The stable legs developed for the floor toms have been customized to allow ample height adjustment range for standing performance and their design has been refined in every detail to ensure that the beautiful resonance and tone of the drums are fully expressed. The bass drum uses the same 7.2mm, 16” deep birch ply shell as the Yamaha’s CB-7000 concert bass drum series, delivering rich low-frequency harmonics as well as outstanding definition and clarity. The shell and hoops are constructed using Yamaha’s original Air Seal System to achieve uniform thickness and roundness that is as close as possible to perfect, for excellent tone and durability. This model also features the same type of clamping brackets as those used on high-end Yamaha drums from Absolute Hybrid Maple and Live Custom series. The bass drum is fitted with the Yamaha REMO Powerstroke 3 Coated batter head and the Yamaha REMO Clear Ambassador bottom head, and sports the same elegant dark wood finish as the CT-9000 and CT-8000 series concert toms and CB-9000, CB-8000, and CB-7000 series concert bass drums. A drum key is included.

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