Warchal KARNEOL set E-ball

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Warchal KARNEOL set E-ball

Medium 4-string set for 4/4 violin that features handmade strings of the highest quality, made in Slovakia. The strings are comprised of synthetic fibres wrapped with special alloys and metals, including silver. They offer a rich variety of timbres and adjust perfectly to the sound characteristics of the instrument, and are impervious to changes of temperature or humidity. The strings normally require three days to achieve tuning stability and optimum tone quality. This specific set produces well-balanced tones and velvet shadings that can be sculpted effectively, providing the sound with warmth and texture. It contains these strings: E – advanced stainless steel; A – hydronalium/hydronalium; D – hydronalium/pure silver; G – stainless steel/pure silver.

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