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Ogio Cirrus Soot Black 18 Stand

Stand Bags | Product code: 125064-241 | ID: 268548

Ogio Cirrus Soot Black 18 Stand

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Ogio Cirrus Soot Black 18 Stand

OGIO’s lightest weight full-featured stand bag is light as a feather, yet is loaded with lots of pockets to store all of your necessities. Features: 9” 7-way Holster Performance top with side putter pit and integrated handle. Fit Disc four point, equalizing, self-adjusting strap system. Lightweight fabrics and materials. RAP (Rapid Access Pocket). Weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket. Walking accessible insulated water bottle holster. 7 pockets (6 zippered). Custom logo: Front ball pocket. Colour: Soot Black.

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