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Native Instruments Komplete 11

Komplete 11 is the world’s leading collection for music production, performance, and sound design. All the tools you need – any production task, any type of music, anything you can imagine. Delve into an enormous collection of 45 inspiring and innovative virtual instruments and effects. Radical synthesizers, classic drums, larger-than-life sampled instruments, and avant-garde sound design plus the world’s leading sampling and synthesis platforms Reaktor and Kontakt. All at a fraction of the combined cost of the individual components. Komplete 11 expands your sonic palette with an array of acclaimed synthesizers. Shape your perfect sound with Form, Massive, Monark, FM8, and other cutting-edge synthesizers. Build custom instruments with the new Reaktor 6 Blocks. Discover the latest sampled and acoustic sounds with the newly refreshed Kontakt 5 sampler plus the stunning Una Corda, exotic India, pristine Strummed Acoustic guitar, and more. Sculpt, tweak, and tailor your sound with studio-grade effects Replika, Supercharger, the Solid Mix series, and more. And discover the limitless virtual effect chains in Guitar Rig 5, for raw premium tone. Komplete 11 is more than a production suite. It’s a way of managing your entire instrument library easily. It’s also a range of fully integrated hardware. And it’s a specific approach to instrument design that sparks your creativity and keeps it burning.

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Komplete Select includes

FORM Unique sample-based synthesizer with a refreshing approach to sound creation and an organic and powerful sound.

REAKTOR 6 The ultimate creative toolkit for deep sound exploration, featuring cutting-edge DSP and high-fidelity sound.

MASSIVE The heavyweight synthesizer for fat basses and piercing leads – everything from creamy analog sounds to dirty, brute force audio. Monophonic synthesizer capturing every sonic nuance of the king of analog monosynths in spectacular detail – the holy grail of analog modeling.

RETRO MACHINES MK 2 16 coveted analog synthesizers and keyboards, lovingly sampled from the original instruments for thick, creamy, analog sound.

ABSYNTH 5 Semi-modular, highly versatile synthesizer. Perfect for atmospheric pads, evolving soundscapes, and more.

FM8 The bright, lively sound of FM synthesis packed into a sleek user interface with innovative advanced features.


A REAKTOR-based synth that combines digital and analog synth sounds with complex, sequenced sound-shifting capabilities.

KONTOUR An innovative phase modulation synthesizer with expressive performance features that bring each note to life.

REAKTOR PRISM Unique, responsive polyphonic instrument and effect, based on the innovative modal synthesis technology from REAKTOR.

REAKTOR SPARK Stunningly dynamic synth sounds based on a unique REAKTOR ensemble developed by Native Instruments' founder Stephan Schmitt. 

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Jan B.

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Nespočet virtuálních nástrojů. Nejvíc mě uchvátili pluginy z guitar ring 5 - nekonečně mnoho zesilovačů a druhů elektrických kytar a jejich nastavení v jednom pluginu a to samé bubenicky STUDIO DRUMMER - nekonečné možnosti dle svých představ, akustická kytara, indiánská hudba pro tvorbu stavebních vět, INDIA atd.... Má to jedinou nevýhodu - chce to hodně výkoné Ramky - minimálně 32GB-64GB, aby vše šlapalo bez problémů. Instalace E rom - virtuálního disku je zapotřebí, obsahuje 220GB kapacity na C/ disku. O zvuku se ani bavit nebudu - naprosto realně výborně zpracované pluginy pro profesionální sestavování hudebních vět. Instalace byla příliš dlouhá, ale po instalaci a zařazení VST do svého DAW jsem byl opravdu ohromen. Vše vypadá strašně složité, ale po chvíli bádání je to v podstatě jednoduché ovládání. Určitě doporučuji.

Roman W.

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Ján H.

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Andrej G.

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